l y r i c s .

    Fear of Flight

Standing on the edge of something
Something so vast we can't imagine
Stretches out as far as the eye can see
Calling yet forbidden - just the same to me
Standing here think where I've been
Standing on the edge looking down again.

Its been said I think therefore I am
Well then maybe if I dream therefore I can
Don't look down it seems to never end
Well maybe if I dream I can

The lowest depth the highest peak
Everyone has a goal to seek
The challenge presents itself
Waits to be conquered by the best of man.
Rise up with the sun
Keep your eyes on the horizon.


Rise up to a new plane
Head up eyes on the clouds
The timing's right - no turning back
Shed your fear of flight.

Crimson Red, Titanium White
Fades out the shadows of the night.
The palest white the softest blue
Brings all the world into plain view.
Dawn and dusk gather together
For an instant and become one.


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