l y r i c s .


Rain comes pouring down like inconclusion,
I'm saddled here in a life of confusion,
I take my turn, to walk away

Seems everywhere I turn,
I'm confronted by inconcern of mine
and I take my turn, to walk away

And I've tried so hard today
Keep thinking this feeling will go away
My misguided thoughts have gone astray
And I don't want to walk away again.

I'm surrounded by many dreams again
And I'm looking down the road for answers once again
And I don't know if everything I've learned can calm this pondering
But I'll take that chance for one more rainy night out here


I'm in the midst of chasing dreams again
And I'm taking all of my chances once again
You can tell me I'm walking the wrong road
But don't expect me to turn around and walk away


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